Great British Bakealong- Biscuit Week

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GBBO returns this week, thankfully with fewer cracks about, well, cracks.

It was an exciting week, as usual. I for one found watching Mary Berry eat a dozen different rock hard biscotti-and wondering how her poor teeth would hold up to the strain- more fear-filled than I’ll ever admit (dental student problems).
Marie’s little mental breakdown to Paul where she babbled about her conspiracy to stick back together the broken biscotti, was amazing and made me instantly LOVE her. She had a lot of flack in the press this week about how she was professionally trained- but it was a 5 day course 30 years ago? She’s not a Michelin starred pastry chef pretending to be a cute Scottish granny, come on now.

Then the arlette Signature challenge- with more rolling, folding and chilling than should probably be legally allowed. I was quite invested in this challenge, because I’d spent the day making inverted puff pastry (I know, the excitement of my life). It was my first time ever making puff pastry, and although I enjoyed it- it’s definitely a rainy day job, you’ll be chilling and rolling (sounds like a dance move) for at least 4 hours so probably buy the ready made stuff if you e.g. have a social life.

To be fair, the cinnamon sugar smell wafting through my flat, at half eleven last night, did make it almost worth it. The buttery, delicate and crisp biscuits are ridiculously moreish. Miiiiiiight have been breakfast…

For info on making puff pastry I’d recommend going to

Once you’ve got your puff pastry, just roll out into a rectangle.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and roll up (by the long side so you get the most swirls in). Once you’ve got your sausage shape, wrap tightly in cling film and pop in the freezer for half an hour. Then cut out your swirls about 0.5-1cm thick and roll them out as thin as you can, with lot’s or icing sugar to stop things sticking. Put them in a hot oven (180C) for 6-8 minutes- I did 7 and actually timed something for once in my life because you have to be precise with these biscuits and their high fat content. Then allow to cool and enjoy!

Finally, the Showstopper challenge. As Mary said, you need a sturdy biscuit to make sure it’s strong enough to build a structure from. And to be honest I couldn’t think of many biscuits sturdier than biscotti- which- very handily, meant I was making something from each challenge.

I was a bit nervous for this to be honest- the only structure I’ve ever made out of biscuits was a gingerbread house. It was a massive fail and shored up on all sides by for instance, my pencilcase, my hand and stacks of gingerbread men.

With this in mind I decided I was going to make a cube- for ease and/or laziness. I stuck it all together with caramel, and even made a domed lid. I made the inadvisable decision to make a little caramel handle, and the lid ended up looking vaguely obscene…

I spiced my biscotti with cinnamon and nutmeg, and tossed in a few sunflower seeds- but didn’t want to pack the biscotti with too much dried fruit and nuts- structural stability sadly was more important than taste on this one.

To be honest though, the most flattering thing I can say about my box is that it was sturdy- easy on the eye it wasn’t. Tasted good though! For the biscotti recipe I used, check out my biscotti post from a while back!☺️

Not going to spoiler anyone that hasn’t watched it yet but I was so sad to see that person go! Still adore Sandy, she’s bloody mad and I love it.

So until next Wednesday (frigging love Bread week)! If you’d like to keep up with my Bakealong, follow me on snapchat at mkm27, or follow Caityskitchen on Facebook or Instagram.😘😘😘


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