4 ingredient Carrot cake spread 


  Aplogies for being a bit MIA on the blog recently, exams have taken over my life. 

Just popping in quickly to post a wee recipe I came up with this morning. This started off as an idea for a smoothie, but when I got a thick purée I decided spreading it on toast and sprinkling chopped toasted nuts and raisins on top was the way to go. Also I was starving and a smoothie just wouldn’t have hit the spot (starving/greedy, same thing really?)

Carrot cake spread 


2 carrots 

1/2-1 banana (depending on how big it is and how sweet you want it)

1/2 large orange 

1/4 tsp mixed spice 

Grated orange zest (optional)


1. Chop up your carrots in to smallish pieces, pop them in a microwave proof bowl, add a splash of water (not much they released their own), place a plate on top as a lid and stick in the microwave for 5+ minutes/until they are cooked through and soft. Drain really well and let cool on a counter so more steam evaporates, drying them out. 

2. Once cool, blend up remaining ingredients in a food processor/blender until silly smooth. Add some yoghurt if that’s your thing. Taste for sweetness. If it’s not sweet enough to your tastes (mine was and I have a massive sweet tooth), add some honey or maple syrup. 

3. Serve on toast or eat as is 😊


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