Macarons. (Macaroons are the heavier coconut ones apparently. I’m not going to argue with Paul Hollywood….those piercing blue eyes).

You little delicate pastel hued beauties. 

You time consuming bloody nuisances. 

To be honest, I was on a hiding to nothing from the start. No sugar thermometer, I was googling, what does sugar at _______ degrees C look like? 

But still, my Italian meringue looked alright to me? 

Who am I to judge though really. 

Piping was a complete nightmare. Ran out of baking paper after the first batch. So just eyeballed the size into nonstick reusable sheets. Why is that stuff so sticky though dear Lord. 

And why is it so thick? Should it not form glossy pools? Mine looked like lumpy meringue.

But anyway I got to this stage. The skin forming stage. Hmmm. An hour and a half in I wasn’t seeing any change (it’s meant to take 30 mins). Ah well. I’ll put them in anywho. 

Our oven is a range, and kind of infamous for its fluctuating temperatures. Fine when you’re cooking a roast but not so much when you’re doing delicate baking. The first batch came out a bit highly coloured (brown). But the second batch hadn’t cooked through and cracked and collapsed. At this point I just sort of went with the “Sure they’ll taste good that’s the main thing” school of thinking. 

I filled half the batch with lemon cream, and the other half with lemon coconut cream, for my visiting lactose intolerant friend. Interestingly enough the lactose free ones were the most popular in general. Apparently the coconut brought out the flavour of the almonds better. 




They never really did look quite right to be honest. But I did make some dairy free brownies and some treacle and ginger, fruit, and plain scones so it wasn’t an entirely unsuccessful day. 


I’ll keep you posted on my next, hopefully more successful attempt on making macarons. 





5 thoughts on “Macawrong 

  1. ARGH!! Macarons! I’ve attempted them twice. First time were amazingly well formed, tasty and ‘macaron-y’ tried them a second time and they went gloopy, then too runny..suffice to say the whole (expensive) lot of ingredients went down the loo!!
    Good luck next time! xox


    1. My stove oven at home is waaay too unreliable for such a delicate bake but I don’t have half the stuff or space at uni! I’ll get there someday. Good on you getting them perfectly the first time that’s completely amazing!😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ive been scared of doing them since they went so wrong, they are so unpredictable! A lot of effort and expensive ingredients and they could go wrong because of room temperature. But oh so yummy!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gold star to you for even attempting them. Love to eat them but the thought of making them has me shaking in my boots lol but working with egg whites is not my favourite thing to begin with!
    Maybe I should give them a go so at least you can take comfort in the fact that you wouldn’t be the worst at them hehehe! 🙂


    1. You are just too lovely! Well even if they go wrong you definitely commiserate yourself with my fails. If they go rubbish on my next attempt I’ll call them whoopie pies and pretend I meant them to look like that all along 😁😳


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