Baking Bad(ly)


So not every bake is a success. Well not mine anyway. 

But I love a good old, this is what I learnt from the horrible shrivelled mess on my kitchen counter. And most bakes can be salvaged to some extent. You might not be Mary Berry but it’s quite hard to make that much butter and sugar taste bad. Burnt can be “heavily caramelised” with a “deep smoky flavour”. 

Flat meringues can be surgically enhanced with aggressive amounts of cream and some dainty berry application.  

Cake that sank in the middle= cut out the centre, ice, add sprinkles and we’ve got a doughnut cake. 

And I surely can’t be the only one to pick off the burnt bits and turn the cake upside down? Lather with icing and nobody is any the wiser. 

The point is really that all these baking fails are as useful to me as the ones that went swimmingly. I figured out what I did wrong (burnt=bad, who’d have thought?) and knew not to go there again. 

For instance. On Saturday my boyfriend and I decided to make banana bread. It was meant to take 45 mins but I could smell burning at 10. Completely raw in the middle. Picked off the burnt crunchy bits (cook’s treat…kinda). Gave it a wee tinfoil hat and popped it back in the oven. 10 minutes later, a quick check reveals that I’d had THE OVEN SET TO GRILL. That’s the kind of thing that only happens on comedy relief Great British Bakeoff, when the celebs are being intentionally crap for joke factor. 

And to me, the girl that likes baking so much she made her own blog… Shameful. 

Buuuuut a quickly thrown together salted caramel, and a heavy hand drizzling and nobody is any the wiser. 

(I’ll not tell if you don’t) 

Ps. I’m going with the unfamiliar oven excuse. Humour me. 


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