A little about me



So what inspired me to make this blog?

Simply put. I’m a feeder.

A self confessed, all out, sure have another, and another, feeder.

Not sure when it started or if I’ve just stepped into my Irish Mammy shoes prematurely and sans the requisite squad of weins, but nothing makes me more delighted than looking after people and showing love and affection through food.

I started making the family dinners fairly early on, around 13, when my Mammy and Daddy were at work. Not going to lie, I wasn’t quite so delighted to help out then as I am now. Mostly I just followed instructions (badly) that Mum quickly relayed over the phone from work. And I definitely had my fair share of disasters. The worst one that sticks in my mind (probably have forgotten all the burning and raw food incidents), is when I presumed curry paste and tamarind paste were one and the same and put 5 heaped tablespoons of the later into the curry for that evenings dinner. And I remember Daddy getting into work, and having a good laugh at me (crying by this point). But he just tasted it, figured out what was wrong, and fixed the curry. Dinner was saved. Probably didn’t taste amazing but it was at least bordering on edible.

So fast forward to today. An Irish student living in Glasgow, I absolutely adore getting home and making a feast for the family. Or just anyone I can ply with goodies. I’ve learnt a lot about cooking; both my parents are foodies, and you can only do something wrong so many times before it comes good.

My absolute passion though, is baking. I’m a complete Great British Bakeoff Addict, and I just love the artistry of baking and the joy it brings. People are always going to get a bit more excited about a salted caramel brownie than they would a plate of stew.


So I’ll just be using this blog as a way to share my rambling stories, and share my newest baking creations; successes, and inevitable failures (I’m looking at you macarons).

Cooking largely in a student kitchen has it’s limitations. As does my photography skills (work in progress).

But I’ll be hoping to share with you some of the delight I get from cooking and baking, and obviously give you a few laughs from the disasters.

Lots of love,




4 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Hi Caity!

    I have just taken such delight in scrolling through your blog and recipes! Your natural, what I would class as ‘chatty’ way of writing, really grabbed me, so please please keep posting!! πŸ™‚

    I love your instagram account too – end up liking everything on there hoping it will magically make it appear..!!! I just love love love your recipes and ideas!

    I’m a student too so I can totally sympathise with how the photographing and equipment probs hold you back!!!! Literally the sole reason I am working hard at uni is so I can get a decent job to pay for a proper food processor! How sad!

    But anyway I just wanted to say how great your blog is – felt really compelled to write to you after reading your this post ‘A Little Bit About Me’ – the mistakes and general learning curve of baking and cooking is what I love the most, the satisfaction when something goes well only intensified by these challenges!!

    I envy you living at home with your family at the moment too as you can share with them, I wish I could share my recipes and cooking more regularly with my mum as I think she ‘gets’ my baking passion, yet a few people at uni think I am mad (in a nice way i hope!!)

    Kind baking wishes,

    Georgie πŸ™‚


    1. Awwwwwwwh Georgie, you have no idea, this absolutely made my week! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog, and all my ramblings and terrible puns. I thought it’d be hard to get going but it’s actually making myself stop writing that’s the issue!

      hahaha You are more than welcome to come visit and take some of the food off my hands, anything to stop me having biscuits for breakfast a few days a week!
      You’re so right, it’s not easy to justify that brand new long lens camera when you have this month’s rent to pay really is it?

      Awwwh you are just the cutest. I’d say I’m only approaching 50/50 success to fails now, when I was growing up I ate a lot of raw and burnt cake haha.

      I’m not actually at home at the moment! My course means that my holidays are only a few weeks long so I’ve been back at Uni since July. I’d LOVE to be home but no such luck.Everyone thinks I’m mad too. Unfortunately they’re probably right. I love that you’re so passionate too- it’s rare to meet a sympathetic soul (I’ve joined the library and have only ever taken out cookbooks to read).

      Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment and I hope you keep enjoying the nonsense I serve up haha



      1. Hi again!

        …and equally glad that I’ve made your week haha!!

        And popping round for tea and cake would be no problem!..I’d do anything for biscuits all day every day..and the Lemon and Blackforest Fruit Madiera cake – the dream!! My mum adores Lemon cake with a lemon drizzle icing so I’m pretty sure that the berries with it will go down a treat when I make it!

        And how frustrating is finding time to bake at uni?! I have only really appreciated how much I adore being at home since uni (pretty typical I guess)! Even more so at the moment as I’m currently working in France for the summer to improve my french – I study French and History! – so I have both lunch and dinner made for me and only a microwave in my apartment! Whilst I’m loving life out here I am DESPERATE to get home so I can make my own food and bake again as the summer hols are normally my prime time for wacking out cake after cake!! I feel your pain haha!!

        I forgot to mention also that I’m another GBBO fan!! Me and a cake-loving friend make bets on who will win each series and facetime to discuss the episode’s happenings..good to know you’re not alone!

        Good luck with the blog and your baking!

        Georgie πŸ™‚


      2. Sorry, I had to join in on this one! Trials of student baking! I remember trying to bake in my student halls. We ended up using a George Forman grill because we didn’t have an oven! Eventually we gave up and just made raw cookie dough icecream (so gooood). Having said that, travel baking is even harder, so I’m almost reminiscing for those days now!
        PS – I love the puns Caity! X


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